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Dear Future Student

  • Are you looking for family friendly martial arts classes in Peoria or Glendale AZ for yourself or family members?
  • Are you looking to learn self defense and get in shape?
  • Do you want your children to learn the benefits of martial arts like respect, discipline, and confidence?

Then look no further than Peoria Martial Arts Center!

Martial Arts Does Wonders For

Kids And Adults…

Hi, my name is Jonathan Elliott. I’m the Owner and Master Instructor of Peoria Martial Arts Center. I have dedicated my life to helping people change theirs.

With a degree in Education from ASU’s Teachers College, and 13 years of professionally teaching martial arts to people of all ages and backgrounds, I have developed a unique program that has helped people change their lives.

I have been a personal witness to the benefits of martial arts training both in myself and others. I have seen children go from struggling with ADD/ADHD, low self esteem, weight issues, and poor grades, to focused, confident, healthy individuals that are at the top of their class after just a short time training in martial arts.

Teens and adults continuously tell me that our classes have helped them build their confidence, lose weight, and stop confrontations with just the power of their words and demeanor….

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Martial Arts Training For Children

Here at Peoria Martial Arts Center, we offer so much more than just kicking and punching. Our students are taught valuable life skills and lessons through our Character Development Program that is implemented into each class.

Martial Arts Training For Adults

  • Are you stressed from work and home life?
  • Are you looking to shed a few pounds?
  • Are you able to handle yourself in a real physical confrontation?

Peoria Martial Arts Center has you covered.

Our classes for teens and adults offers fun work outs, and practical self defense training in a friendly atmosphere. You will learn effective combat techniques from traditional Korean martial arts that we specialize in such as Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and more!

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Jonathan Elliott, Owner & Master Instructor

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Here’s What Peoria Martial Arts Center
Offers You And Your Family:


Martial arts is a great work out! Lose weight, get in shape, increase flexibility, and have a blast doing it!


Martial arts teaches focus through mind and body training. From the school room to the work place, martial arts reinforces concentration skills that anyone can use.


We strive to make each class interesting and enjoyable. Our students leave each class with a smile!


Training at Peoria Martial Arts Center builds confidence like no other activity or after-school program.


Martial arts instills discipline through training and teaches you to overcome obstacles and barriers in your life.

Self Defense

You’ll learn highly effective self defense skills, specific to each age group and class.


Register right now to take advantage of our limited offer!
Only a few spots left!